SW Link  LTD intruduces  RPV-Pro CPV solar cell wafer/receiver automatic probing test system  and  integrated driver for Electro-luminescence imaging, ELI (option)

SW Link LTD, the leading supplier for concentrater PV cell cell tesing introduced today it next generation of CPV wafer and receviver production test and control during volume maufacturing of CPV cell.  The tool automated probing the CPV cell, and give accurate cell operate parameters such as Isc,  Voc, Eff for device bining, as well as the parameters relation the reliability and max operation conditions.

The RPV-Pro series optimised for measuring the most advanced CPV cells/receivers at the size upto 10x10mm2 designed for high concentration applications.   It is has all the functionality of the RPV series, with additional extended current ranges, prober interface, built-in referece mode and constant pulse current drive for EL imaging.  Working together with the prober supplies, the RPV-pro can be used to performing fast online test for the CPV cell wafer/receivers. 

Electroluminescence iimaging of the CPV cell is another powerful tool to reveal defects in the CPV cell, which may effect CPV cell reliability and performance.  The high pulse current driver is fully integrated into the RPV-pro and automatically switch between ELI and other measurement.  The pulse current driver allows to test wafer without the heating effect at high peak current density. 

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